Day 1

Send Advocacy Letters to Arrange Future Meetings for:

 Carbon Offset/Sustainability

 Student Rep on Board of Trustees

 Tuition Freeze

 Reenvision Public Safety

 Reform Engeman 

 Faculty Diversification, DEI training

   & long term goals

 DistancSC Project

 Meal Plan & Dining Dollars

 The Trojan Experience

 Trojan Virtual Guide


 Tuition Freeze + Student Advisory

   Board Call to Action

Goals of the month:

 Recruitment process reform: meet with Directors and 

   previous cabinet members to the audit process, and

   remedy accordingly for upcoming recruitment

 Schedule briefing with current leadership to learn

   relevant information/begin onboarding process

 Bi-weekly Luncheons kick-off

 Schedule Summer meetings:

      - ⅓ of DPS attend each of the three sessions throughout our term

      - Plan feedback forms for students to assess sessions' effectiveness 


 Consult with other candidates about integrating

   platform ideas for the best possible agenda throughout

   our term


 Form a unilateral council with Greek Life, USG, Religious

   Life, Recreational Sports

      - Strive for a clearer line of communication and collaboration between

         these organizations



 Meet with IT

      - Set meeting with IT Provost Derderian and Provost Zukoski, advocate for

         student concerns prior to finals season

      - Syllabus Repository and Class Recordings

• Set meeting with IT Provost Derderian and Provost 

   Zukoski, advocate for student concerns prior to finals


 Syllabus Repository and Class Recordings

       - Meet with SCALE leaders, Rick Caruso & Dr. Folt to negotiate demands

 Put together a team of faculty, students, and

   administrators to audit SJACS

      - Ensure that SJACS first fully completes investigations on student 

         misconduct before it gives out sanctions

 Begin the process with USC Dornsife to identify faculty

   and curriculum for ASL course, and work with USC

   Registrar’s Office to allow transfer credit requirement


 Start the process of DEI & Allyship, South Central,

   Homelessness, and Zero Waste Education Modules

      - Schedule Meeting with Brenda Weiwel, Director of the Initiative to

         Eliminate Homelessness, Price Homelessness Policy Research Institute,

         South Central community leaders, the Environmental Student

         Assembly, USC Sustainability, and new Chief Inclusion and Diversity


 Meetings with relevant parties addressed in advocacy

   letters by sector of focus & adjust the calendar

   accordingly to ensure swift and smooth progress

 2 biweekly luncheons

  Find student speakers and social justice advocates to          strategize actional steps and plans that will transform          the Department of Public Safety.


   - Recruitment Reform



 First Public Safety Transformation Session led by student    speakers and social justice advocates.

      - Disseminate first student feedback to evaluate sessions' effectiveness


      - Preliminary advocating for free or subsidized costs for Metro & LAX


      - Meet with USC Transportation’s Tony Mazza, see project to completion

 Contact USC Housing Director Christopher Ponsiglione to

   use the Study Hall space as the space for Black House


 Finalize ASL language requirement fulfillment action plan

 USG Accessibility Fund-- ArtSC Empowerment branch

   budget allocation


 Connect with DSP and Office of Orientation Programs to

   establish a counselor support system

 Update students on what we’ve done

      - Send out surveys for new ideas and end of semester feedback

 Looking Ahead: Individual School Diversity Goal Meetings

   and Forums

       - Goal Setting & Tangible Actions

 2 biweekly luncheons

Follow-up: Build Student Advisory Committee Team, create a month by month outline for tangible action with Administration


   - ArtSC Empowerment

   - ASL language requirement

   - Community Project Empowerment Fund




 Follow-Up on Meal Plan Reform & Dining Dollar Expansion

      - Cement 2021-2022 school year availability

 See Calfresh certification to completion in time for the

   fall semester; Bi-Weekly Luncheons

 Follow-up with DSP & Office of Orientation Programs

 Second Public Safety Transformation Session led by              student speakers and social justice advocates.

      - Disseminate third student feedback to evaluate sessions' effectiveness 

 Final meeting with DistanSC stakeholders to ensure

   broader access to transportation is implemented before

   the start of school


   - DistanSC

   - Calfresh



 Reach out to Village and campus vendors to begin the

   process of CalFresh certification paperwork and EBT


 Spring Admit and Transfer Student Resource availability:

   advocate for equity of fall and first-year campus

   resource accessibility

      - Break the stigma about mental health by preparing experienced

         mental health speakers

      - Coordinate effort with Greek life to train every member in overdose


      - Release a joint request for Senior Administration to form a task-force

         that will reform SJACS

 Coordinate Student Community Impact/Volunteer

   Involvement fair with Service Student Assembly and

   Volunteer Center


 Syllabus Repository Preparation, class recording, and

   transcription access

      - Follow up

 1 luncheon




 Meal Plan Reform & Dining Dollar Expansion (Second

   Semester Implementation)

 Schedule meeting with Winston Crisp and relevant

   stakeholders to start planning the expansion of physical

   spaces, including but not limited to:

      - The Lavender Lounge Cultural Centers Office of International Services

• Execute Student Community Impact/Volunteer

   Involvement Fair

 Create a timeline for achieving these goals/ milestones

   to hold us accountable

 Mandatory Orientation Modules

• 2nd Survey

• 2 biweekly luncheons

Follow-Up: Tuition Freeze and Student Affordability


   - Carbon Offset Project Launch

   - Student Community Impact/Volunteer Involvement




 2 biweekly luncheons


Follow-up: Checkpoint with ISA and OIS


Follow-up: Physical Spaces w/ Winston Crisp


   - Tuition Freeze and affordability measures right in

       time for Spring semester



 Finalize physical space expansion plans

 HARD FOLLOW UPS to ensure other programs are


 2 biweekly luncheons

 Send the second survey for ideas/feedback from


 3rd Survey


   - OIS and ISA mentorship program and resource

      accessibility for next semester

   - Physical Spaces



 Meet with ISA and OIS staff, outline plan for expanding

   mentorship program and resources for international


 Planning for winter orientation with the Office of

   Orientation Programs and Transfer Student Assembly

      - Meet with relevant stakeholders to assess areas of improvement for


• Tentative Plans to implement feedback

Follow-Up: Winston Crisp for expanding physical spaces



• Implement feedback of surveys

 Third Public Safety Transformation Session led by student    speakers and social justice advocates.

      - Disseminate third student feedback to evaluate sessions' effectiveness

• 2 biweekly luncheons

Follow-Up: Checkpoint with ISA and OIS

Follow-Up: Physical Spaces w/ Winston Crisp

 Revisit achievements and barriers of the last semester to

   potentially reform our plan for final months in office




 2 biweekly luncheons


 Realistic Expectations to finish policies during the busy

   Elections Season



• Final luncheon to learn what students want us to pass on

   to the next USG Administration

WOAH! Thanks for reading all of this! We really appreciate it!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! (: